Wer Wir Sind

Wir sind eine internationale Beratung hinsichtlich des Trainings mit Tieren und dem entsprechenden Umgang mit ihnen. Als führender Anbieter für Verhaltensänderungen und Teamkommunikation zwischen den Tierpflegern, arbeiten wir mit Zoos und Tieranlagen aus der ganzen Welt zusammen. Unser Ziel ist es, die Teamleistung zu optimieren und das Wohlergehen der Tiere positiv zu verbessern. Durch bereits kleine Veränderungen im Team, der Organisation und bei den Tieren helfen wir Ihnen volles Potenzial auszuschöpfen.

Was Wir Machen

Wir bieten Ihnen Workshops, Seminare, Praxis-Training, Einzeltraining, Webinare, Teambesprechungen und Tier-Training an. Dabei verfolgen wir einen kreativen und trotzdem simplen Ansatz, bei welchem wir nie das Wohlbefinden der Tiere aus dem Auge verlieren. Unter anderen durch unsere Präsentationen und Workshops motivieren wir Ihr Team und stellen dabei Synergien für positive Veränderungen innerhalb Ihrer Organisation her.

Warum Zoospensefull

Wir ermöglichen Ihnen eine Perspektive, die Ihnen neue positive Impulse im Umgang mit den Tieren bietet. Unser Team besteht aus kreativen und meinungsoffenen Experten mit innovativen Ansätzen.

Meet Our Team

Peter Giljam

Peter Giljam

Owner / Lead Consultant

Peter is proficient in operant conditioning methodology and through his teaching you are bound to feel motivated and inspired to take on your next training project challenge.

Grant Kother

Grant Kother

Senior Consultant

Grant brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company, and a passion for changing the way people perceive captive animal husbandry.

Michael Hepher

Michael Hepher


Michael's extensive hoofstock training experience makes him a valuable asset to Zoospensefull, bringing a unique perspective to the already diverse skillset of the team.

Elias Koronis

Elias Koronis

Senior Communications Advisor
Wessel van Sante

Wessel van Sante

Finance / Technical support
Rinske van Sante

Rinske van Sante

Executive PA / Graphic Design


Our Clients

See what our clients are saying about us.

Louise Mckenna

Team Leader Brooklands Zoo, NZ

Just spent 2 days learning animal training the ZooSpensefull way! It was such a valuable 2 days! Easy to understand presentation style, with a strong emphasis on establishing and maintaining simple but strong foundation behaviours. Our team came away feeling inspired, energised and excited to move forward with their training, which will directly enhance our animals welfare. Thank you Zoospensefull for a great 2 days!

Grey Stafford, PhD

Author of ZOOmility & Host of the weekly podcast, Zoo Logic, U.S.A

I first met Peter while we served together on the execu?ve board of the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA). He brings the same energy, behavioural expertse, and sense of curiosity to the Zoospensefull team. Zoo and animal professionals around the world have benefitted from their informative website and training workshops.

Sarah Chirico-Wyss

zoological director at Namsskogan Family park.

Namsskogan Family park was lucky to be part of a research project on training wolves where ZooSpensefull was involved. Peter helped us to get a good start with a training method which was new for us. That was so inspiring that we visited him at Kolmården in Sweden. He managed to change the zookeepers mindset within few sessions and get them engaged in positive animal training. Peter's dedication and passion for his job is unique and rarely seen. He is a very good teacher and coach and fluent in several languages which makes communication very easy. His positive mindset is contagious and he is extremely good in including everyone in the training thoughts. We decided to book him as a consultant for building up the training system in our park and are looking very much forward to starting that collaboration. We can also highly recommend him for training pets.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact the Zoospensefull team at info@zoospensefull.com

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