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A small grip of what we do….

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Kolmårdens Djurparks Animal Training

I had the privilege too present Kolmårdens Djurpark at the IMATA 2016 conference in San Diego. What I presented was how we implement marine mammal strategies in the Zoo what gives a new view on how simple foundation behaviours such as recalls etc. can help the efficiency within the zoological societies. In the future we hope too see that we can monitor our animals in an easier way on their health. Eventually we hope to do research with species what has never been done before. This so we can raise awareness about what we need to protect in the wold and why all the animals in our zoo are such fascinating and important ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild. This is a video of some of the the training goals we reached so far with the animals in our zoo. This is a small grip of all the behaviours that we are busy with. Our trainers did a tremendous job putting in their efforts to help our species and too give them the best care possible.

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