Education, research and conservation – words we have used and taken for granted in the modern zoological society for years. The last years we have also been influenced by enrichment programs and the marine mammal training techniques. We aren’t just training our seals and birds for participating in displays. We train giraffes for voluntary blood samples, tigers for mouth and teeth check, chimpanzees for stationing and shifting enclosures. We develop strategies for the best enrichment and are studying the results.  We are proud to say our work has been drastically changing the welfare for the animals – to the better. But has the general opinion of zoological facilities changed with us being better to care about our animals? Not really.


I’m working for a Wildlife Park that started a huge journey 4 years ago. A journey that is far from the goal, but is on the way there.

We started the journey as we got a new management team, a management without zoo experience that could see our work form a new, fresh perspective. They saw what was needed to step up the game and not continue in the same path. This is part of what I call the Fifth Zoo Revolution.

My name is Rickard and I work with communication in Kolmården Wildlife Park. In my upcoming blogs you will read about our efforts to create a foundation for all of our work. A foundation that reflects everything we do. You will also read guest blogs from successful conservation, education, animal welfare and research projects from around the world that really matters for the animals and the world we share with them. I hope that we can learn from each other and that more zoos are inspired to join us on our journey.  Zoos are more important now than ever before, therefore, we always have to be better on what we do and how we communicate it.





See you soon again,

Rickard Sjödén

Public relations



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