We all meet these myths almost every day. Lets just bust them once and for all, ok? Feel free to share and use, as you please.



*These myths are busted with facts and general standards from modern western zoos (members of EAZA or AZA). Differences can occur between facilities.

See you soon again,

Rickard Sjödén

Public relations






EC · July 13, 2017 at 19:54

My problem with this post is that it simply says “Zoos”, as if all zoos are the same in their care for the animals housed there. They aren’t.
Many modern zoos are as described, but even today many are not. There are still places where animals are kept in bare cages or tiny water enclosures that only give them room to pace or turn around, the way that all zoos used to be until a few, and then many, started improving conditions, which was only perhaps 40 years ago. Improving human consciousness about animals is slow. There are still animals kept in deplorable conditions in places that are called zoos and that charge admission.

While I applaud the places that are truly sanctuaries for the animals, where the animals are treated well and are happy, and there certainly are some of those places, I doubt that this is the majority world-wide even today, and this article would be better if it made that distinction, rather than implying that all of these things being presented as myths are untrue of all zoos.

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