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Why You Should Go To the 2018 Annual IMATA Conference!

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           Carvoeiro in the Algarve Portugal at night

The magical place we call…

First of all the conference will be in Europe what means romantic cultures, exotic languages, historical findings and a ton of other cool cultural things. What about if I told you this conference will be in Portugal? Yes! It is correct, this years conference will be in Portugal and to be more specific, The Algarve of all places. Beautiful beaches, caves, fish restaurants, boat tours, trails and for the sporty people, surfing, diving, skydiving, trail running, swimming and much more.

The best park in Portugal!

Did you know the host facility of this conference is Zoomarine? Zoomarine is one of the leading Zoo’s in Europe. For the 5th year in a row they are considered the best Animal Park in Portugal, and among the 10 best in Europe and in the list of the best 25 in the world.

The Algarve is quite the paradise I can tell you that. So you really don’t want to miss it if you like that side of Europe!

Theme “Coming together for Conservation”

The world is a beautiful place and we should maintain it that way. To be able to stand strong for conservation we will come together and help each other reach the same goals. With coming to the conference, you will get an idea about all the ideas and great messages out there that we want to spread as a community. YOU WILL BE PART OF THE CHANGE!

What I know and you don’t… The Presentations!

Let me tell you one thing, this year is full of inspiration and cool experiences. Our community is very big as we know but did you know that this year 15+ different countries are represented? We have presenters from the north, south, west and the east side of Europe. YOU, will reach a level of motivation you can’t imagine. 30+ presentations 15+ posters and much more. There are plenty of other countries representing who are outside of Europe as well what makes this conference very international. If you want to meet people from other places you should be at this conference.

And then this….

Our Keynote Speaker is the well-respected Javier Almunia all the way from Tenerife. You can’t have it more south than that! J.Almunia is the Director of the Loro Parque Foundation and does some great work for the Marine Mammal community. But that’s not all… have you heard about our guest speakers yet? Everybody knows this wonderfull woman. She is in the business for so long and has been a great support in many ways possible. The lady who never has a bad hair day Geraldine Lacave. Wow, I’m excited about this. She is going to be great. Our 2nd guest speaker will be the one and only Mats Amundin. His work with acoustic technology and searching for the harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea has been ground breaking to a point where the baltic sea now has a protected area right (Want to know more? Read this story HERE) here in the north of Europe thanks to his work.

The Big Bang Network

Europe is one of the 7 continents and has 44 countries what means that this is the moment to get to know Europeans. The conference will be your best shot to do so. With social nights and events you are able to build your network in an instant. Networking these days is an important part in getting better in what we do. With IMATA I wouldn’t be where I am today. Europeans are open minded and we all speak English so don’t be afraid and join the gang.

Portugal and their Desserts

Desserts in Portugal are incredible if you have a sweet tooth. Place to be for you who loves a bite with their coffee or after a nice dinner. Many desserts are egg based and flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. Portugal is known for their great desserts so if all the other reasons aren’t good enough, this one will definitely be!

After all…

Such a destination you do not want to skip especially if there is a conference about animal training at the same time. The hotel gives you the views and comfort you need at such a conference. The hotel is close to the ocean and gives you that cultural Portugal feeling. You can even book apartments if you are with a group of 6. There is a beautiful area around the Hotel to have a nice walk with the people you get to know. If you decide to go for a hotel room by yourself or with somebody else you must know that Breakfast is included this is the difference with the apartments. We hope to see you there. You can book your hotel room through the Conference Website!

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