With an open mind and outside the box thinking we try to help the community by sharing the knowledge and ideas we have in the Zoo World. Our main goal is to help animal professionals to become better in what they do by sharing different ways of information.

We believe that knowledge has a lot of impact in the daily care of the animals we work with. With what we know we can change the ways of taking care of our animals. As zookeepers we always try to reach for the highest standard of welfare and the care we put into our animals.

We will help you to see topics differently, to become more open minded and we will help with what you want to know today.

we have many more subjects to discover about our species we work with. With doing research and conservation we get to know more and more. A different way of thinking makes ZooSpensefull unique in providing information. Giving you all the help you need to think “Outside the Zoo”.

Let’s get together and share our stories and experiences, so we become world leaders in education, conservation and the care of our nature.

Have fun discovering,

Peter Giljam