About Us
We are an international animal training and behaviour consultancy. A leader in behaviour modification and team communication for animal care professionals, we work with zoological collections and animal facilities across the world to improve team performance, training systems and animal welfare, using positive reinforcement. We make small changes in the team, the organisation and the animals to help them reach their full potential.
What We Do
We offer workshops, seminars, practical sessions, one on one support, webinars and bespoke team and animal training assessments. We provide a creative and simple way of thinking, always putting the focus on animal welfare. Through empowering presentations and workshops, we motivate your workforce, improve their skillset and bring about positive change in your organisation.
Why Zoospensefull?
We give another perspective on how we can have a positive effect on the animals we work with. What makes us different is our creative and open mind, which allows us to think outside the box.

Let’s get together and share our stories and experiences, so we become world leaders in education, conservation and the care of our nature.