Why Should You Be Coached By Zoospensefull?

Zoospensefull brings over 30 years of experience to this successful program. With a wide range of knowledge we are able to help you with your most difficult situations. Our creative way of thinking gives you outside the box solutions based on best welfare practices. We have worked with a countless amount of different species including your pets at home or the horses of whom you take care. All of this together makes us the best in the business!

How Is it Like to Be Coached By Zoospensefull?

We have weekly or biweekly chats about your challenges. We will get you unstuck and moving forward in the training goals we have set together. You will leave with fresh perspectives and new ideas to apply in your sessions. We help you identify and optimize your training program.

In between sessions we are there to give support through email or messenger. We will provide you support and give you feedback whenever you need it.

On top of everything you will get your own private area on our platform where I will add information weekly about our chats. We will give you the theoretical information that you need to be successful with your animals. Everything will be right there in your own area.

We are committed to your success, every step of the way!

How Does it Work?

We provide a FREE 15-30 minute Consultation call for you to meet your coach face to face and find which program fits best for you and the animals to succeed. We will give you a questionnaire regarding the animals you take care of to find the very best way possible to reach your needs.

The program we build together is personalised to your challenges which makes Zoospensefull’s Coaching Program a One of A Kind Opportunity!

For Who is This Program?

This program is made for everybody taking care of animals. If you have animals at home or work at an animal care institution, WE CAN HELP!

  • Dogs at Home
  • Horses
  • Domestic Animals
  • Zoological Institution
  • Shelters
  • Sanctuaries
  • Farms
We give you a guarantee to success!

Each platform has their own specialities which helps you to get you to the goals you want to reach. If you have any extra coaching request we help you to make the best coaching program that fits your personal needs. Don’t be afraid to send us an email and discuss your road to success!


We want you to be successful and through this program we put you up for success! Through creative solutions and effective video analyses with constructive feedback you become the best version of yourself as an animal trainer.

We communicate through a special new and effective platform which is a one of a kind. This allows you to take more out of this coaching opportunity than anybody else!

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With a One of A Kind way of working we help you to reach new grounds training your animals. We will be working together to make the right approximation plans focussed on the goals you have. We help you navigate through these plans with video analyses and make sure that you become the best version of yourself.

Together we will build a personalized area which make this program very unique. This allows you to get as much as possible out of this coaching opportunity!

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The biggest passion of Zoospensefull is to make the world a better place for the animals. We do this through a successful behaviour modification program where we help the team become one. We know that when the team functions the welfare of the animals reaches new ground. With effective solutions and creative ideas you and your team will succeed!

With special shaping plans and focussed webinars we will help you and the team to become the best in the business. The platform we provide is a unique and one of a kind area which allows us to communicate the best possible way.

We build success for the future!

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What Other People Say

“I recently had an initial chat with Peter about the coaching sessions and am really looking forward to working with him further in the future. He is very friendly and easy to chat to. There are so many parallels between the zoo world and the equine world and I’m looking forward to benefiting from Peter’s knowledge and experience to enhance my own skills.” Anna Saillet Equine Behaviour Solutions

“Just had a 1-1 coaching session with Peter. Thank you for a great session – Peter is an excellent teacher. I now have lots of super practical ideas to help start cooperative feeding with my flock of 8 chickens. I really look forward to another session at some point!” Maisie Wake Maisie Wake Equine Therapy

“I approached Peter for some one on one private help with an open mouth behavior for one of my oxen. I had been struggling for several months and was not making any progress. In just one session Peter made some small changes in my training that moved this behavior forward faster than I could have ever hoped for. His detailed training plans, kind counseling and encouragement made all the difference.” Karen Ryder Tao of the Hound

“I want to give a shout out. Yesterday, I did a one-on-one session with Peter. I have been following him and Zoospenseful for a few years. I want to train like him!! When he sent out an email last week with a link to sign-up for a one-on-one consultation, it took me about two seconds flat to sign-up. We talked about training plans, start buttons, cooperative care, reinforcers, choice and control. The conversation was so much fun and I learned a ton! Have already signed-up for another one. Feeling very grateful for the opportunity.” Tessa Romita Herron

“I work as a dog trainer in Germany. Peter Giljam asked me, if I want to take part in his 1-2-1 coaching. I am very happy to have made this decision.

Peter Giljam’s way of coaching is for me very successful. It is really individual and he picks you up where your training and your knowledge is at the moment. He finds a way for you to reach your training goals. Working together with Peter is fun and he makes professional conversations and different opportunities to see your active training with your animals. I can immediately use the results of our coaching for my own training and for the online training with my clients.

His coaching is absolutely recommendable! He can support everyone independently of the species!”Hanna Buergel-Goodwin