The Conference

Imagine a world where our animals take part in their own care. Where the animals make decisions themselves to excel in their own welfare. A great thought isn’t it? But is it possible? YES IT IS! 

We are going to inspire you to reach the goal where the animals you take care of take part in their own care. With great speakers from around the world we will have a conference were specialist talk about their learners. Also this year we will come with a great line up for you to learn about all the species you can train for their own care.

The theme for this year is “A WELFARE BENEFIT”. At Zoospensefull our focus is that everything we do should be a welfare benefit to our animals and thats exactly what we want to pass along to others with this years theme. Our goal is to help, inspire and motivate you to excel int he welfare of the animals you take care off. 

This year’s Cooperative Care Conference will have a variety of different speakers. What we are most excited of is the amount of different animals that are presented in these talks. 

All we can say is BE THERE and join the Cooperative Care Conference 2022! 

Pre-conference webinar series

This year we have special webinar series to get you into the cooperative care topics. 

Webinar #1: Basic Behaviours Which Are Useful And Important.

Before we succeed in our cooperative care behaviour we need to teach the animals some other skills to be more comfortable and confident in the animals own care. This webinar is about Foundation behaviours you need and of course the body positions to reach these important body parts. 

TIME: 20th of October 2022, 8pm-10pm CET

Webinar #2:Let’s Talk CUES!
The Cues we use within Cooperative Care are extremely valuable. We communicate what we are going to do. When we do this predictably we give our animals more confidence in their choices. 

TIME: 27th of October 2022, 8pm-10pm CET

Webinar #3: How To Prepare For the Perfect Cooperative Care Behaviour At the Vet?
Often we forget some valuable information to be 100% 
successful with the animals we train for cooperative care. There are some important details to think about. We will talk about antecedent arrangement and how the smallest changes can change the outcome of your trained behaviour drastically. 

TIME: 3th of November 2022, 8pm-10pm CET

Webinar #4: The Holistic Approach To Cooperative Care?
Do we need to train every single behaviour for the animal to take care of it’s own body? Or are there other ways? In this webinar we are looking at the other side of cooperative care where we are going to focus on the animals needs to solve future challenges and be pro active to training animals for cooperative care. 

TIME: 10th of November 2022, 8pm-10pm CET

Photo: Annette Zimolong

The Schedule

This year we decided to start a bit earlier. We have 4 presentations in one evening with a proper pause in between. We start at 6PM which allows us to give you the best possible evening. 

PAnel Discussion

Want to ask questions and discuss with the experts? This year we organise a special panel discussion for everybody to join. We will have a host to keep the conversation going. 


Due to last years succes we will have a fantastic interactive quiz once again. Fun, laughter and happiness are key to this interactive quiz. The fastest attendees will receive prizes from our sponsors. You don’t want to miss this fun and exciting experience!

This schedule is in Central European Time +1GMT.

This is not the finished schedule. Schedule might change.


Jodi Carrigan

Associate Curator of Primates

Zoo Atlanta

Presenting About Gorilla’s 

Barbara Glatz

Professional Animal Training Consultant

The Animal Training Center

Presenting About Orphaned Elephants

Peggy Hogan

The “Best” Whisper Is a Click

Clicker Training Horses

Presenting About Horses

Anat Shalev


Founder, IL

Presenting About Horses

Monty Gwynne


Founder, USA

Presenting About Horses

Eva Bertilsson

Carpe Momentum

Founder, SE

Presenting About Dogs

Peter Giljam


Animal Training Consultant, NL

Presenting About Chickens

Tessa Romita

Presenting About Chickens

Sherona Dhunraj

Senior Animal Care Specialist

Ski Dubai

Presenting About Penguins

Pablo Joury

Director of Animal Programs – Pinnipeds

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, US

Presenting About Sea Lions

Bonny Mealand

Equine Podiatrist 

Consultant, SC

Presenting About Horses

Tjadina Klein

Untrainable Cats 

Founder, DE

Presenting About Cats

Sabrina Brando

Animal Concepts

Founder, NL

Presenting About Animal Welfare

Shane Watson


Gulfarium, US

Presenting About Dolphins

Hannah Branigan

Hannah Branigan 

Founder, US

Presenting About Dogs

Anaka Nazareth

Behaviour Husbandry Coordinator

National Aquarium of Baltimore, US

Presenting Fish & Reptiles

Steve Foxworth, Andrea Joyet & Maddie Munns

Presenting About Hoof Care

PAnel Discussions

We want to create a place where everybody can be part of the discussion. To reach this goal this year we organise 2 panel discussions about very specific and very interesting topics. What we want to achieve is to inspire all of you with different thoughts which helps you to excel in the welfare of the animals you take care off. 

We have chosen various speakers which we think are great at the topics presented. We are sure that the panelists will make this a one of a kind experience for you to take part of. 

Panel #1

 This will hurt but it’ll be ok!

Some Cooperative Care behaviours give the animal some kind of pain experience. For example some animals respond to breaking the skin with a needle while other individuals can care less. But how do we work through such situations where painful stimuli is present within our cooperative care behaviours? 

Eva Bertilsson

Carpe Momentum

Founder, SE

Anna Oblasser Mirtl

Animal Training Center

Founder, AT

Hannah Branigan

Hannah Branigan 


Peter Giljam


Animal Training Consultant, NL

Panel #2

Symptoms and systems: Reflections on animal care programs supporting good animal welfare

While training may be enriching and serve and support many good purposes, training alone is not sufficient for good animal wellbeing. This panel addresses animal care and welfare from a broader perspective and that many of the things we train for could be solved by better environmental design and a review of the weight of procedures, think along the lines of e.g., vet procedures and health check, or teaching penguins to send in foot baths and other treatments without solving the bigger issues such as not swimming enough, poor substrates and run off creating the medical concern. We also train behaviours that do not contribute to conservation and education goals like some of the circus-style show and or photo opp activities – with many proposing that as the animals do not know they are ‘playing the pirate’ it does not matter. While much of the discussion will be welfare based, as in effects on animals, we can also discuss some of the ethical aspects of caring for, asking from or interacting with animals in these aforementioned ways.

Sabrina Brando

Dr. Betsy Herrelko

Welfare Director, National Zoo, DC

Dr. Jake Veasey

Dr. Jes Harfeld

And this is not all. We have many more coming! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the course platform?

When you go to you login by going to the far right button in the menu. When you logged in you click on profile and it should be right there. Whenever you click on a topic you have to mark it to go to the next topic.  

Where can I find the link to the conference?

The Zoom link that you need to get access to the conference will be in the course platform. You have access to this platform whenever you register for the event.

I won't be able to make it trough the whole conference. Will there be a recording?

All the presentations will be recorded. These recording you can find in the course platform 2 weeks after the conference. 

Is there a translation service?

For this conference there will not be any translation services. The whole conference will be conducted in the English language.

Do we get a certificate after the conference?

Yes, after the conference you are able to download a conference certificate from the course platform. This certificate will have your name, conference and other valuable information for you to have.

For how long can we re-watch the conference after the recordings are up?

You can re-watch all the presentations presented at the conference for up to 6 months.

Will there be a proceedings available with all the abstracts?

Before the conference starts there will be a proceedings ready for you to download in the course area. This proceedings will have all the abstracts of the presentations ready for you to look at. 

How do I know which time the conference will be in my country?

The conference will be in CET which means Central European Time also known as GMT +1. To find out which time the conference will be for you Click HEREAdd your city and add Amsterdam afterwards. Press enter and you see the time difference which allows you to find out which time the conference will be for you in your country.

Will There Be Closed Captioning?

Yes. We will enable close captioning for anybody that wants to read with what is being said.

Can I get CEU's for this conference?

Yes. CCPDT and IAABC are giving CEU’s for this conference.