The Conference

Training animals to participate in their own care has been a practice for many years. The journey began with marine mammals in the 1970s and was introduced to the zoological field by Ken Ramirez in the 1990s. In recent years, significant changes have been observed in the dog and horse communities, as they move towards a world where animals actively contribute to their own care. Animals are gradually finding their voice, and we, in turn, empower them to make choices.

This year’s conference revolves around the theme of “reaching their needs,” a topic close to our hearts at Zoospensefull. We are devoted to working towards this objective, constantly seeking innovative ways to meet the needs of captive animals. Hence, we have chosen this theme for our conference.

We hope you will enjoy the enriching learning experience, creating lasting memories and gaining new insights to take back home. Let’s come together, learn from one another, and strive to build a world where we work together with our animals in their care.


The Schedule

This year brings a refreshing change to our event format. Each presentation, lasting 30 minutes, is accompanied by a Q&A session, facilitating a smoother experience and enabling better engagement, especially in front of a screen.

Once more, we’ve curated a diverse panel of speakers from across the globe, all sharing insights on a singular theme: cooperative care.

Every evening commences promptly at 6:00 pm CET and concludes at 9:00 pm. To alleviate screen fatigue, we’ve scheduled a 15-minute break at 7:15 pm.


On the final day, we will host a special evening focused on a workshop we have created for you. We aim to share our methods of working with animals in cooperative care. The course will be accessible before the conference, allowing you to preview and read through it before our discussion.

This course is truly unique and, coupled with the final evening on the 8th, will provide a fantastic conclusion to four days of enriched learning.

A range of diverse topics and techniques will guide you in creating the best cooperative care programme!

This schedule is in Central European Time +1GMT.

This is not the finished schedule. Schedule might change.


Adele Shaw

The Willing Equine

Presenting About horses

Hielko van Rijthoven

Dutch Raptors

Presenting About Birds of Prey

Dean Jones

Sydney Zoo

Presenting About Elephants

Bonny Mealand

Equine Podiatrist

Presenting About Horses

Clint Karger

Sea World Australia

Presenting About Sharks and Fish

Chirag Patel

Domesticated Manners

Presenting About Dogs

Peter Giljam


Presenting About Various Species

Grant Kother


Presenting About Various Species

J.R. Henderson

The Cognitive Cat

Presenting About Cats

Lisa Longo

Animal Academie

Presenting About Birds

Holly Farmer

The Shape of Enrichment

Presenting About Zoo Animals

Isabella Clegg

Animal Welfare Expertise 

Presenting About Animal Welfare

Jim Gillies

CBT Dog Behaviour & Training

Presenting About Dogs


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the course platform?

When you go to you login by going to the far right button in the menu. When you logged in you click on profile and it should be right there. Whenever you click on a topic you have to mark it to go to the next topic. Click here to see how it worked last year.


Where can I find the link to the conference?

The ZOOM link that you need to get access to the conference will be in the course platform. You have access to this platform whenever you register for the event.


I won't be able to make it trough the whole conference. Will there be a recording?

All the presentations will be recorded. These recording you can find in the course platform 2 weeks after the conference. 

Is there a translation service?

For this conference there will not be any translation services. The whole conference will be conducted in the English language.

For how long can we re-watch the conference after the recordings are up?

You can re-watch all the presentations presented at the conference for up to 6 months.

How do I know which time the conference will be in my country?

The conference will be in CET which means Central European Time also known as GMT +1. To find out which time the conference will be for you Click HEREAdd your city and add Amsterdam afterwards. After pressing enter, you’ll be able to view the time difference, helping you determine the conference schedule in your local time zone.

Will There Be Closed Captioning?

Yes. We will enable close captioning for anybody who wishes to use captions.

Can I get CEU's for this conference?

For CCPDT – 10 CEUs for Behaviour Consultants