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      Dear All,

      All recordings are currently online except one which is the discussion regarding the LRS.



        Hello Peter,

        Maybe I can find it somewhere, but until when will we be able to watch the recordings?

        Gr, Stefanie


          Hi team, I dont seem to be able to find where to view the recordings. When I click on the link on my Profile it advises an error. Cheers


            Hi, I am also not able to find the recordings? Where can I find them. I was not able during the conference to particapte, but purchased the confrence already.
            Thanks for your help


              Hiya, I don’t seem to be able to find the recordings (maybe I’m just not looking in the rihgt places!?) – could you possibly let me know where they are? thanks 🙂


              Somewhere it was saying we can watch the recordings ‘for six months’. But not sure starting on which date. What will be the last day to watch the recordings, please 🙂 ?

              (I can see the recordings when I check one by one the courses in my profile)


                Hello everybody,

                Here some information for you.

                The recordings are available 6 months after the conference. Which means starting date 17th of December 2021 – 17th of June 2022.

                To acces the conference you have to login with your username. Click on profile (don’t hover). Then you see the platform in your profile. When you click it you can see all the information.

                Make sure you mark each page as complete for you to get your certificate. This means that you have to pass all the topic pages. 🙂

                Please let me know if this works for you.



                  Hello P
                  eter, Im lost, I cannot find the recordings. When I login I find the forum and when I click there, I come here where you wrote that they are available. There is no other possibility in the login area, others than the log out one… Best regards Annette

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