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Thoughts for Behaviour: The Three E’s

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The Three E’s Through my time training animals, I’ve always found it very interesting how our energy can reflect to our animals. Using our energy with a variety of animals and observing their responses is an interesting way to keep … Read More

Thoughts for Behaviour: Discussing Motivation

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Discussing Motivation We all have moments where we want to learn something new, but where does our desire to learn come from? It’s certainly true that we retain more knowledge when learning about a subject that interests us in a … Read More

Thoughts for Behaviour: Examining the Conscious Choices of Animals

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Examining the Conscious Choices of Animals We have to make many choices in our lives.  Some are simple, while others are complicated.  Every day, we make thousands of choices that effect our days, weeks, and our entire lives. Are these … Read More

What is there to do now..?

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I always find it very interesting to see what people do to make them do what they do. I mean there have to be a reason that reinforce them to do what they do. Some people are amazing at keeping themselves busy with many things. … Read More

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