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Full day Seminar/ Workshop  

Request your topic and peter will give you the information you need. He will give that extra little bit of expertise that you want and will make sure you go home with a creative and positive mindset. You will look at your animals differently and work to higher welfare standards. 



Peter is an exciting, inspiring and motivating speaker. He comes with creative stories and ideas and with his knowledge he will give you that extra little detail you want to know.

  • Emergency Recalls
  • Working with big groups
  • ABC’s 
  • Animals that never been trained before
  • The art of foundation
  • Your Request…

€75,00 per hour

Skype session

Peter will try to answer all your questions. He will help you build training plans and come up with creative ideas that helps you to move on in your training program. Or do you just want to know how to build a training or enrichment program? You can ask about it within this hour.

€50,00 per hour


Do you need a consultant with creative and inspiring ideas? Do you need somebody to give you time back in the day? Do you want to start up a training or enrichment program? Peter will make sure he gives you the needs you need.

€75,00 per hour