ABC: The Importance of a Focused Animal

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Are you having a hard time getting your animal to focus? Do they often walk away? Does your animal often seem distracted?

A lot of times we see an animal whose focus is not on you. There can be many things happening in the environment which can distract them. To train any behaviours we need a strong foundation; we need to make sure the animal is focused and motivated to participate.

In this webinar you will learn simple techniques to get a more focused and enthusiastic animal in order to achieve more progressive training sessions and a deeper connection with your animal.

Duration: 2 hours

3 reviews for ABC: The Importance of a Focused Animal

  1. Cheridan Mathers (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this webinar!! Peter is always so great at clearly explaining the methodology around training behaviours, as well as answering any questions that get thrown his way. The information he provided to back up the methods discussed, as well as the many training videos of him in action added to a great learning experience.
    Would highly recommend Peter and the rest of the ZooSpensefull team for any and all animal training advice. Thanks very much and can’t wait for the next webinar! ☺️

  2. Marija Gil Mast

    Really great webinar! Loads of useful information that is provided in very structural and visual way so it is easy to follow and therefore use it in practice. On top of that, good video examples and very confident and knowledgeable speaker, who seems to be excited about the topic and is easily capable of answering questions on the spot.

  3. Peet

    The Dutch version of last week was very interesting , the ABC was qualitative detailed and in-depth information. And is in my head now , i have only to practice a lot with it. Thanks a lot.

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