From 0 to Recall + Coaching

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Get this course with guidance from one of our coaches!
  1. Whenever you have questions we answer
  2. Zoom chats if necessary
  3. Explanations when needed
  4. Contact through email and messenger when you need
  5. Navigate to apply this in practise


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Do you need a coach to get through this course?
Nee somebody to rely on when you have questions?
Want to chat about what you learned and how you can apply this in practise?
Want to become a better trainer?

This option is for you!

This complete course will teach all the ins and outs about the emergency recall. After this course you can apply the recall to any species in your care. The course has 26 lessons that teaches you all the details you need to know.

Suitable for:
  • Exotic Animals (Small Primates, Reptiles, Fish etc)
  • Any Domestic Species (Horses, Dogs, Cats, Goats etc)
  • Zoo Animals (Carnivores, Birds, Hoofstock etc)

Lesson Content:
– Introduction to the Recall
– Understanding Classical Conditioning
– What is Behaviour and How Does Antecedent Arrangement Work?
– The Introduction of Operant Conditioning
– What is Motivation?
– Ignore Everything in Your Environment
– Finding Your Baseline
– The Approximation Plan

At the end of this course you are able to download 3 different approximation plans and your personalised certificate.


“This unique training course is a must-do for any trainer level, from beginner to advanced. Unlike other animal training courses, “From 0 to Recall” is specific behaviour based and focuses on helping you achieve and train one of the most essential safety behaviours in the zoological industry. Just as important, this course also enables you to develop as a trainer along the way.” – DEANE JONES Curator of zoological parks

“This online course is a nugget for all animal caretakers. Each session is as adaptable for zoo animals as it is for domestic animals. The videos presented provide clear information and great inspiration. ZooSpensefull offers quality training for beginners and experienced professionals” – LISA LONGO Animal Academie

“Just completed the course “From 0 to recall” and it has been fantastic! The first course I’ve done where the theory is demonstrated by lots of practical applications in example videos and content that shows the real world uses and benefits across a range of taxa. There is a lot of great content that also extends beyond recall training, there’s lots to learn from this course to enable keepers to go out and apply improved welfare and training methods for whatever species they work with. I strongly recommend this course and will also eagerly await more amazing content from ZooSpensefull!” – DAN SIMOUNDS



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