Errorless Learning; How Does It Work?

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11th of February, 2021

8pm – 930pm, CET

Errorless learning has everything to do with the skillset of the trainer. As trainers we need to prepare what we are going to teach our learners and in which environment we put them. We are able to work with their motivation and recognise their choices. All of this together will makes you train errorless.

In this webinar we will talk about techniques such as the LRS, Antecedent Arrangement and a variety of ways to respond to our animals. We are also touching base on the importance of an approximation plan and how all of this comes together to train your animals without errors.

1 review for Errorless Learning; How Does It Work?

  1. Melita Balch

    Fantastic webinar! And incredibly inspiring! That the animal is ALWAYS right – yes! An “undesirable” behavior is only undesirable to the human. If we want something else, you showed us ways to encourage it. And as you explain, we as trainers need to think and plan but when in a session, listen to what the animal is “telling” us. Beautiful! Your joy and enthusiasm in working with the animals is apparent with anything you teach. And the most heartwarming and encouraging thing of all was when you told us how you yourself are not the perfect trainer, that you push it too far or too fast, etc, sometimes as well. Thank you for this webinar, it was a superb learning opportunity!

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