From Aversive Techniques to Empowering Your Animal


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Date: December 3th, 2020
Time: 8pm – 930pm CET
Aversive techniques are used in many different programs. As of today many training cultures rely on aversive methods. Think for example about traditional horse training or working with Camels.
The aversive techniques used come with a lot of side effects. Apathy, learned helplessness potential flash aggression are just a couple we have to think about. To be able to give our animals a voice we need to bring reinforcement in place to recognise what the animal does well. We want a relationship with our animals that is build on reinforcement practises. This builds higher welfare standards and we can reach a lot more by doing so. But how do you go from old practises to a complete program build on empowering techniques? and what does this do to the animals we work with?
Topics we are going to talk about:
– What are aversive doing to your animals?
– Why is your animal frustrated?
– How do you get your animals to work with you without force?
Are you still in use of aversive methods and you want to change your program to a program build on empowerment? Then this is the webinar for you.


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