WEBINAR: Conditioned Reinforcers For Cooperative Care




This fantastic webinar is all about these situations in medical training where you can’t use any food reinforcers. What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to train a conditioned reinforcer
  • Important details conditioning a new reinforcer
  • Pre-mack principles
  • Variation in your reinforcer
  • The effect to the animal
  • Your energy used as reinforcer

We try to help you think outside the box regarding the reinforcers you use. Especially in specific situations where you have no other option than using conditioned reinforcers. The main goal is for you as a trainer is to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. One of them is will the animal actually preform a behaviour when I do not use conditioned reinforcers. In this webinar you will learn that with proper planning and changing your reinforcers in other areas that this challenge will be solved. You become a more confident trainer in many different areas during cooperative care.


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