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Why I Tell People Not To Use Baiting

Recently I came back from a trip to Australia and New Zealand both for presentations and workshops. I had a blast! Sharing experiences and...

Shaping The Animal Or Distracting The Animal? We Do It More...

I get quite some questions about training other taxa than marine mammals. Especially in the zoo that I work at. Peter, do you have...

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Conditioning For A Transport Box

How do you move an animal from an enclosure to the other? From a backstage are to a presentation area? To the...

Cooperative Feeding; A Training Essential

Being in a position to work with a variety of different species allows me to observe species I never had the chance...

Zoos in the CYBER activism age

Cover Photo: www.okgrancanaria.com/en/tours/gran-canaria-loro-park-tour/ Javier Almunia is director of Loro Parque Fundación, an NGO that funds and implements wildlife conservation...