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Cooperative Feeding; A Training Essential

Being in a position to work with a variety of different species allows me to observe species I never had the chance...

The Answer On Your Animals Failure

Working in the position I have today at Kolmårdens Zoo I visit every department once a week to help with their behavioural challenges. The...

How Animals Think!  Vol. 1

TeamWork All the achievements humans have reached is done with Teamwork. From discoveries to inventions, you name it somewhere there was a team involved. We...

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The Zoo Scientist; Zoos as Science Boosters

The need to discover new things and the curiosity to explain the unknown has led us to where we are now. It was the...

Selecting the Right One

Cover Photo Credit: Kelli Ingles The ability to select individual animals out of a group is a useful behaviour...

The Intermediate Bridge VS Keep Going Signal

Animal training is evolving all the time and we have to keep ourselves open to any and all options that will help...