2nd and 3th of December 2019: Workshop Brooklands Zoo, New Plymouth, New Zealand

25th – 27th of November 2019: Workshop in Hamilton for 35+ Zookeepers, New Zealand

20th – 21st of November 2019: 2 Day Workshop at the Kobe Zoo, Japan

15th – 19th of November 2019: Workshop at the Eco University Osaka, Japan

4th of October 2019: Keynote speaker at the Danish Zookeeper Conference Knuthenborg Safari Park, Denmark

12th of June 2019: Zoo and Wildlife Health Conference; Workshop Medical Training- Conditioning animals to participate in medical procedures, Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden

April 2019: Presented and invited to the panel discussion at the ABMA conference in Portland, US

21st of February 2019: Lecture Recalls and Call Overs, Wildlands Emmen

22nd of February 2019: Lecture Recalls and Call Overs, Safari Park Beekse Bergen

25th of February 2019: Lecture Recalls and Call Overs, Landgoed Hoenderdael

20-21 November 2018: Animal Training Symposium 2018 Hamilton Zoo, New Zealand

11-16 November 2018: Australasian Animal Training Conference 2018 Melbourne Zoo, Australia

14-19 October 2018: Organiser of the Annual IMATA Conference Algarve, Portugal

8-10 May 2018: Animal Training Workshop Jerusalem Zoo, Israel

30-31 August 2017: Animal Training Symposium Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland