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ZooSpensefull’s Podcast for AnimalTrainingAcademy.com

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Ryan had asked me to do an interview with him about my thoughts in animal training. So we planned a moment to do this. Last week the Podcast came out. Pretty happy with the end result because I tried to give all of you a different view to your career and animal training in general.

Podcast: Peter Giljam – Animal Training Director at Kolm√•rdens Djurpark, Sweden. “Be Creative, All the Time”

I met Ryan about a year ago where he asked to have a Skype talk together. Ryan is the owner of the Animal Training Academy and works very hard to make this an unique, special and interesting platform for all of you. I’ve had the privilege to have a little bit of a look in his work. If you do ¬†now know about his Company please see this video.


Animal Training Academy


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