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A shaping plan is the very first success to the behaviour you want to train. A shaping plan is very important and often forgotten by many. We end up in a downwards spiral and the animal starts do preform behaviours we are not looking for because we are not sure what we are looking for. 

This short course will teach you how to build a proper shaping plan. What to think about and which valuable techniques can be used to build a successful plan. At the end of this short course you will be able to make a simple but effective shaping plan for any behaviour you want to train your animal. 

Your teacher will be Peter Giljam who has 17+ years of experience building training plans for a great amount of different behaviours and species. He will take you on a journey to understand the ins and outs of a strong shaping plan with everything you need to know! 


  • What is a shaping plan?
  • Different Shaping techniques
  • Karen Pryor’s 10 laws of shaping
  • Creating a reliable plan


Peter is a passionate Animal Consultant that beside teaching you about Operant Conditioning makes sure you will go home motivated and inspired. Make sure you read his Bio!