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To train our animals we need to know a lot of theory to be successful. The implementation of this theory to one individual is a lot easier than when you have a group of animals you want to work with. In this course you will learn about all the details you need to know to have a successful program working multiple animals by yourself.

We share our ideas and problems we came across and help you find solutions on your current challenges. The best part is that this will be a self going course which gives you the opportunity to look back at previous lessons all the time.

Our goal for you is to work in a 1 on 1 situation where you can have full focus on just 1 individual while having multiple individuals present. We can all agree that this is the best training situation we can be in. Unfortunately not all situations allow us to have this luxury. We want to share with you how you can work to a situation of a 1 to 1 environment.

There are many situations if this is with your dogs at home, a couple horses of you own or a group of animal as in the zoo you want to train which are challenging for the trainer. These moments where you wish that you had some control over your animals. 

This course will help you train multiple animals at the same time. What is needed and where do to start.

We will talk about all the steps and theory that you need to know working multiple animals at once. There are probably many questions that go through your mind regarding training multiple animals. To name a couple: 

  • How do we bridge or mark a behaviour?
  • Which behaviour do I need as control or default behaviour? Lie down? Station?
  • How do I reinforce? Do I apply food reinforcers? Hand feed it? 
  • How can I get one animal to respond and not all of them? Do I need different signals? 

In this course we will answer all these questions and make sure you will know what you need to and to be comfortable working with multiple animals. 



Peter is a passionate Animal Consultant that beside teaching you about Operant Conditioning makes sure you will go home motivated and inspired. Make sure you read his Bio!