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      My name is Peter Giljam and I’m your teacher. Im looking forward to meet all of you! I’ve worked in this profession for almost 17 years now. I have a broad range of species experience and have build training programs across the globe.

      What do you do? Where are you from? And which animals do you work with?


        Hi Everyone,

        I’m Elien. I’m a zookeeper at ZOO Planckendael, Belgium and I work with several antelopes, coati’s, anteaters, chaccoan peccari’s … I also work with Barbary Macaques and American Bisons. I would love to use this course to train these last two. I’ve been a zookeeper for two years now so I still have much to learn and I am very excited for the rest of this course.


          Hello everyone,
          My name is Diego Cecilio from Argentina. I started my career 25 years ago working with several species of marine mammals. I have the opportunity to work with other species as well in different facilities around the world.
          In my last two positions were related to penguin programs, first, as Head trainer at Ski Dubai and then, as a Curator developing a new facility at Ski Egypt in Cairo.
          Since this crazy Covid situation started, I have been in Argentina.
          I believe that it is important to review the theory from time to time and get different perspectives from others trainers as well.


            Hi everyone,
            My name’s Alice. I’m a zookeeper at the Mulhouse Zoo in France. I’ve been a zookeeper for about 7 years now. I’ve worked with lemurs and gibbons for 4 years, big carnivores and sea lions for a year and a half and now mostly with primates again (New and Old world monkeys).
            I have some experience training one on one (sifakas, polar bears and sea lions mostly) but I’m working with a group of high energy capuchin at the moment which has it’s own new challenges.
            I’m excited to learn how to handle and get the best out of individuals in a group setting and exchanging with all of you !


              Hi, I’m Dani 😊
              I have been an animal trainer for nearly 18 years now, working mainly with birds and sealions but with some other animals such as bears and pangolins in between.
              I’m very excited to learn about training animals in a larger group setting than what I am used to!


                My name is Katarina. I live in Sweden, working as a veterinarian for horses, dogs and cats. I’m a beginner trainer :-). I wanted to have another kind of relationship with my horse and found positive reinforcement and klicker training for about 4 years ago. Since then I just want to learn more to become a better trainer/friend. I try to incorporate training for cooperative care in my work, it’s a challenge cause I meet the animal/patient only a few times but at least I can get the owner to think about it. With this course I hope to be able to better manage some problems in my group of 8 icelandic horses. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll work at a zoo.


                  Hello everyone, I’m Federico, a former researcher in animal nutrition and now a zookeeper at the Parco Zoo Punta Verde (Italy). At the zoo I work with birds (my passion for life actually), hippos, prairie dogs, and primates. I started my zookeeper career 2 years ago, and I still have a lot to learn, especially about the training. That’s why I am very glad I have the chance to join this course!


                    Hi everyone, I’m Roslin, I’m a keeper working with chimps, capuchins and squirrel monkeys at Edinburgh zoo. I’ve been a keeper for 27 years and have still got a lot to learn about training especially working with 4 large groups of lively primates so really looking forward to putting what I learn into practice!!


                      Hi guys, I’m Callum and I work at Edinburgh Zoo. I have been a zookeeper for nearly 7 years now and still have loads to learn about animal training so can’t wait to put into practice what I learn over the next few weeks. I have worked with a wide range of primates and other species but currently work with chimps, brown capuchins and squirrel monkeys all in groups of 15+ so hoping to gain lots of info on the best way to manage training of groups this size. 😀


                        Hi, everyone!

                        I’m also Dani (great name, by the way!) and I am located in Colorado in the U.S. I’m at Pueblo Zoo. We are a small facility but have over 200 species, and as a relief keeper, I get to work with ALL of them! My background before this position was with marine mammals, but am now primary trainer for maned wolves, various turtle species, otters, red pandas, slow lorises… the whole spectrum! Unfortunately with the time difference, I am in the middle of my workday and not able to participate in the Webinars when they are live, but am looking forward to learning from your questions when I watch the recordings later. Excited to meet you all!


                          My name is Dominique. I work at the Biodôme of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
                          I work with 50 Alcids and 44 penguins in 2 different exhibits, of course! We have a weighing scale training program for our penguins. Works well when we work with one bird. Become a little bit messy when we want to use more stations.
                          I wish to acquire knowledge and skills to build a good training program for multiple birds and start also something with our alcids colony.
                          Unfortunately, like Dani, because of the time difference, I can’t be there for the live Webminars.
                          Good session to everyone!



                            I’m Brian, and I have worked in the UK with pet dogs for about 12 years now and currently run a dog day care and do some dog training and behaviour work. I have a Masters Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare and i’m enjoying a wider perspective than just dogs on training animals.

                            At home I have 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 pygmy goats and about 50 chickens so i’m looking to have a bit more fun wrangling those guys.

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