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To Gate or Not to Gate; The Challenges with Separating Animals

Often some of the challenges zookeepers face is being able to separate and gate animals. You might think separation and gating are the same...

Success Starts With Observation; Antecedent Arrangement

How many of us look around the exhibit, to all the animals and the people etc before starting a training session? Throughout my experience...

Examining the Conscious Choices of Animals

We make many choices throughout our lives. Some are simple, while others are more complex.  Everyday we make thousands of choices, what to eat,...

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The Zoo Scientist; Zoos as Science Boosters

The need to discover new things and the curiosity to explain the unknown has led us to where we are now. It was the...

Selecting the Right One

Cover Photo Credit: Kelli Ingles The ability to select individual animals out of a group is a useful behaviour...

The Intermediate Bridge VS Keep Going Signal

Animal training is evolving all the time and we have to keep ourselves open to any and all options that will help...