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An Introduction To An Elephant Training Program

Kolmården has had elephants for over three decades but it wasn’t until November 2016 when Kolmården Wildlife Park decided to move from free contact...

Weight Management is Not a Four-Letter Word

Abstract This presentation will provide attendees a chance to look holistically at weight management. The topic is focusing weight management and dispelling the myths around the...

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Medical Procedures; The Open Mouth Behaviour

Cover Photo Credit: Nora Tenbrock with Hudson at SeaWorld Australia It seems like in the training world there are...

10 Foundation Behaviours & Their Criteria

Here at Zoospensefull we talk a lot about criteria in behaviour. Criteria is nothing more than a rule or guideline made for...

Scale Training – Worth the Weight

One of the many tasks animal caregivers have to perform is a visual check on their animals. This can include overall condition,...