Left to right: P. Giljam, B. Andrews, F. Johansson at the 2013 IMATA Conference in Las Vegas

Extinction is a hot topic as of today. We really can’t ignore it. All animals involved!

Every animal is special! – B. Andrews

What is happening with the earth is a serious cause we can’t ignore. Still there are discussions out there if we should while nature shows us we should. Animals are getting extinct on a higher rate and even the people taking care of the animals in zoological facilities, working in research centres, working with conservation programs and even rehabilitation centres have to guard their positions today due to the growing “follow everybody without knowing anything” population who think they know all the BEST solutions.

How can we slow down extinction? We have to start working in a team to slow down extinction of the species living on our planet together with us. I truly believe that every single species has a role in our ecosystem. Brad Andres mentions in his podcast for Zoo Logic, all animals are special. He has a point I mean all animals are special in their own ways. Unfortunatly many of the general public favours some over the other. A spider is scary please kill them all, look at those beautiful killer whales we need to protect them. All while certain bees are now on the endangered lists without understanding of the general public that bees are needed for the food we eat.

The whole point is that we need to understand the outcomes of the actions we are doing to be able to have an effect on it.

Passing on facts based on scientific papers is more important today it seems like. The other day I’m walking with my sister in a beautiful Swedish city called Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. She mentioned to me something and backed her story up with its scientific proven. So my response was so where can I find this paper? While she said well I don’t know, this is just what they said. This made me think right away I mean words are powerful, Mark Simmons talks about this and makes a good point in his presentation HERE. If its easy for us to say scientific proven and nobody asks themselves afterwards well show me the peer review papers, we basically can say whatever we want, thats how the general public believes everything.

The whole point is expertise is valuable if its backed up properly regardless of the experiences on the way because thats how we work. The only issue is its easy to make people believe things that they do not know anything about. It just takes a confident person talking that needed to make them believe what we want.

Have you heard about Zoo Logic?

Maybe you should look them up. Zoo Logic is owned and made by Grey Stafford (he wrote a great guest blog for us you can see HERE), a well respected animal advocate in the zoo world. His podcasts are top notch, the reason? He gives the ins and outs about whats going on in the world regarding, research, conservation and other important causes regarding animals. He interviews some passionate people, listening to them makes you feel inspired to do something!

One of his guests was Brad Andrews, A person I’ve met in 2008. A very interesting person to talk with and work for. I’ve seen him talk in various occasions. He inspires me very much to help animals and to educate the audience about animals. It was great working aside him while in Loro Parque. We had some great talks about the animals and how we can improve what we do on a daily base.

Want to hear Brad speak? Download the interview he did for Zoo Logic right HERE.

One of Brad’s presentation was at the IMATA conference in Mexico where he had a touching presentation about the 6th extinction. We taped it and asked him if we could post it. Here it is:



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